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No one does it better!

With Ground Level Solutions as your energy savings partner, you are assured that your customers will be serviced with the greatest of care. We manage each job from start to finish and respect the homeowner throughout the process.

We have over 28 successful years of satisfying homeowners and we are proud that we usually exceed their expectations.

By making residential buildings warmer and more energy efficient, we help lower consumers energy costs.

Consumers count on us and you can, too.

Ground Level Solutions has served thousands of households with energy conservation services.

We are a not-for-profit energy service / community-based company doing business in Ohio since 1984. We know how important it is to service your consumers with our best efforts


Making environments safe and energy efficient

Beyond the weatherization services that we provide, we address safety, health, comfort, and affordability in every building we visit.
We employ performance testing technology, house diagnostic equipment, air quality testing equipment, and efficiency tests. Ground Level Solutions is constantly evolving with new technology, information, products, and methods to always provide the best available efficiency and conservation solutions.

Technical Expertise:

Ground Level Solutions performs home inspections and quality assurance monitoring that complies with Ohio Weatherization Program Standards (WPS), Standards and Guidelines of various Ohio utility energy conservation initiatives currently in operation, and all state and local codes and requirements.

Inspectors reference the Ohio Weatherization Program Standards, Columbia Gas of Ohio Technical Bulletin, NFPA 54, NFPA 31, NFPA 211, and NFPA 70-National Electrical Code, as well as local code documents.

Inspectors are trained and certified in shell measure inspections and are trained in the use of the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Energy Audit Tool (NEAT).

Our Home Inspectors are certified to perform audit and diagnostic testing on residential buildings by the Ohio Office of Community Assistance, Columbia Gas of Ohio WarmChoice Program, and the National Building Performance Institute (BPI).

Inspection Quality

Ground Level Solutions home inspectors and monitors use the following diagnostic equipment in the field (as appropriate):
_ Furnace combustion analysis equipment
_ Carbon Monoxide checks in fossil fuel-heating homes
_ Blower Door and Digital gauges
_ Digital Manometer
_ TIFF 8800 gas detector
_ Infrared Thermography Camera
_ Volt-Ohm meter
_ Receptacle tester
_ Digital thermometer
_ Draft gauge

Energizing the community... efficiently.

Ground Level Solutions' mission is to foster the wise use of available energy resources through the design, implementation and operation of energy and affordable housing programs for moderate and low-income individuals and families. Each Ground Level Solutions employee is committed to that goal, and to excellence and professionalism at all times and with every customer.

For more information, call us at (614) 861-7992 or (800) 537-8210.